Olympic Anniversary

Posted by Domenic Filane for Hollywoodfilane.com on 26th Jul 2017

Olympic Anniversary

Each Year on this day or close to it, marks the anniversary of the opening of the Olympic Games. All our Olympic friends on facebook start posting items for either the Barcelona Games in 1992 or the Atlanta Games in 1996. We start reminiscing about all the good times and the people we have met. It is amazing the bond that Olympians have. Through social media we get to keep up with each other no matter where in the world they are residing. We have lost a few of our Olympic friends over the years, but it is always nice to see a post of one of them pop up to keep their memory alive.
Here is a video with some of the pictures of our time at the Olympic Games

A behind the scenes look at the Canadian Boxing team shinanigans at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992

Here is a link to some of the photo collection from the Olympics

Domenic Filane's Olympic Photo collection