Adidas Disney Crib shoe- Red

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Adidas Infant Street Turf Crib Shoes

These adorable shoes are perfect for  your baby not yet walking or just learning to walk.  The soft soled leather shoes stay on your little ones feet even when they curl up their little toes.

A comfortable, sporty,  leather design for the smaller adidas fan.

Upper:  Full-grain leather for comfort and soft feel. Outsole: Textile adFIT length measuring tool to ensure accurate size and fit.

Shoe Sizes:

1K (US/UK) - 17 (D/FR) - 100 (JP) - insole is 10cm long
2K (US/UK) - 18 (D/FR) - 110 (JP) - insole is 11cm long
3K (US/UK) - 19 (D/FR) - 120 (JP) - insole is 12 cm long

The Crib Shoes are available in sizes 1K, 2K, 3K.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review