Making Weight Boxing MMA Beanie Toque

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Pro style Headwear featuring an embroidered multi coloured boxing logo .

This is an eye catching logo with detailed coloured embroidery.

Boxers not only must be in top condition, they must do so within a certain weight class.  Often the fighters find themselves having to shed a few pounds to make weight in the specified divisions.
We've all been there. Working out in plastic suits, eating nothing but egg whites, spitting in a cup, and running twice a day,and sitting in the sauna to sweat it out.
Often during this process a fighter can become very cranky!!!  This item is a great warning for anyone that is around that person to just leave them alone!!  They are Making Weight!!

Our Boss Domenic Filane knows the making weight game too well as he had to make 106 lbs or 48 Kgs for each fight.  It was always best to keep out of his way when he was making weight, because as he said "A hungry Dog doesn't bark... IT BITES!!"



This item is great for the cold morning runs, or just to use in the gym to cut weight.
Makes a great fashion item for any aspiring boxer's wardrobe.
Great gift item for an fighter or fight fan on your list.

This design is also available in other apparel options such as t-shirts, hoodies, and beanies.
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  • 100% acrylic
  • One Size fits most



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review