Hockey Fighter Let em' Go mesh snap back CAP Orange/Turquoise

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Hockey themed cap with an embroidered Let em Go Hockey Fighter  logo .

This cap is a great gift for the classic hockey player or fan.  Great for wearing to the arena or just out and about. Old time hockey at its best!!

The logo is directly embroidered in a multiple of colours.  Outstanding detail in the design including bruised eyes, bloody fists and even missing teeth, and of course one flying tooth.

**We by no means condone fighting in the sport of hockey** It is a part of the game as you can read all about it below in the description.

Pacific Headwear   TWILL CAP.

  • 100% cotton twill
  • 6-panel
  • Snapback plastic adjustable closure
  • One Size fits most

Personalize with your name and/ or number on the back of the hat - $5

In case you are new to the sport of Ice Hockey, Fighting and retaliation are a fact of life on the ice in every hockey rink and arena throughout the world.  Hockey fighting is even featured in the Wikipedia encyclopedia.
Here's some of what it had to say about the fastest and toughest game on earth...

The role of "enforcer" on a hockey team is unofficial but crucial to the game. Enforcers occasionally play regular shifts like other players, but their primary role is deterring opposing players from rough play. Coaches often send enforcers out when opposing enforcers are on the ice or any time when it is necessary to check excessively physical play by the opposing team. Historical players who have made a name for themselves within the sport by frequently engaging in fights include Red Horner, Lou Fontinato, John Ferguson, Dave Schultz, and Tiger Williams; modern-day players include Tony Twist, Jody Shelley, Marty McSorley, Rob Ray, Tie Domi, Kelly Chase, Georges Laraque, Ken Baumgartner, Donald Brashear, Joe Kocur and Bob Probert. Enforcers, particularly those with questionable playing skills, can be colloquially referred to as goons.

Causes:There are many reasons for fights during a hockey game. Some reasons are related to game play, such as retaliation, momentum-building, intimidation, deterrence, attempting to draw "reaction penalties", and protecting star players. There are also some personal reasons such as retribution for past incidents, bad blood between players, and simple job security for enforcers.

Another reason is the protection of star players. Over the history of hockey, many enforcers have been signed simply to protect players like Gretzky, who was protected by Semenko, McSorley and others, and Brett Hull, who was protected by Chase and others. The NHL averaged twice as many fights during Gretzky's prime with the Edmonton Oilers than it did during the 1970s; some sources credit Gretzky with being a major cause in the statistical rise.

Even Hockey goaltenders find themselves in the midst of a fight in the heat of the game.  Ray Emery of the Ottawa senators is a good example of that.

The slapshot movie has more hockey fights with the hansen brothers, and all time favorite Ogie Ogelthorpe.

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